He is Raskal by name and by nature. Photographer by trade, model by circumstance and creative director by reputation; Crille is ambidextrous in his skill set and is always producing innovative, creative photo shoots, art collaborations and events. He is a hard working vagabond, seeking creative perfectionism in all projects that he is working. His warm relaxed nature is by no means a reflection of his attention to detail and high self-expectations to deliver to clients, an obvious result of his mixed decent of Ikea like Scandinavian character and laid back Portuguese fisherman attributes.

 Truest companion to his passport, Crille is frequently booked for international jobs and travels between continents for; campaign and fashion shoots, health and wellness retreats, modelling freelance work and ambassador travel trips for his lifestyle sponsorship with clothing company, Rhythm. Despite a busy work schedule, personal projects in property development in Bali make the island currently a home base

 Crille’s style of photography is distinctive and crucially technical. Often joked and noted as

“the light master” it’s a joke not far from truth. His composition, perfectionist framing and dedication on set often seen crawling on the ground, climbing up cliffs, running whilst laughing and profusely sweating, are the reasons Crille gets his signature shots.